Alright! Alright! Alright!

This is an engine that my Dad built to put in a 1963 Chevy Impala. He got this one so he could have a “number matched” engine.

It is a SBC Chevy 1963 283 small block. The majority of the parts are used. He did buy rings, fuel pump, timing chain, and an oil pump.

Pretty cool motor.

He didn’t end up using this in the Impala because he sold it prior to completing the build.

I helped him get a video made and uploaded to youtube. I took my marketing skills that I’ve learned here in empower and helped him make his craigslist listings a little more interesting. Plus buyers get to see what they are getting ahead of time without having to make the drive.

The bonus is I get something cool to blog about, and I can make money from something as simple as making a post about my Dad’s 1963 Chevy small block build.

If you’d like to learn how you can blog about engines, or whatever interests you, and make money while doing it, click the link below, enter your email, and watch the video.



When I got started in internet marketing, I thought all I needed to do was get a bunch of traffic and then everything would fall together like magic. What I thought I needed was new traffic methods and tricks.


What I’ve found is that only after I work on myself and my self-image will all the traffic methods be of benefit to me.


If I want to become a $1,200,000 earner, I have to become a $1,200,000 person: on the inside. Meaning, I have to change my thoughts, actions, and behaviors to those of a $1,200,000 earner.


There are three resources that I have been using to get great results in my life. Here they are:

  1. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  2. Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
  3. Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  4. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


I am sure some of you will think that you just need to market, but you really need to look deeper in to why you are marketing. This is especially true if you are not having the success that you want yet: keyword being yet.


If you are to be successful in internet marketing or attracting large sums of wealth to yourself, you need to be clear on what you want, why you want it, and know that you will need to help others in order to get it. The way to do that is to connect with other people and help them to reach their goals, to improve their lives.


Once you stop thinking about only yourself and how money will benefit you and start thinking about how you can benefit other people, you will see and feel a dramatic shift in your self and in your business.


Let’s look at each of the books and what they will help you with in changing your mindset.


First, The Compound Effect. The main idea that you need to take from this book is that the compound effect is always in effect whether you know it or not. Also, that change takes time. In other words, small daily changes towards a positive goal (or negative if you make bad choices) will get you the results you are looking for.


Second. Psycho-cybernetics. This book will teach you how to change your self-image, or the way you look at yourself. It will teach you to see yourself as the person that you want to be: now.


Third. Ask and It Is Given. This book will allow you to tap into “the source” through meditation and positive affirmation. Give meditation a try. It is as easy as closing your eyes and focusing on your breath.


Fourth. The Secret. The Secret does work. Our thoughts are things. Once we understand that, we can begin to focus on thinking only the thoughts that we want to think. We can learn to focus on only the empowering thoughts. Over time this will become a habit.


My life has dramatically improved over the past six months of reading these books and others and focusing on my mindset.


I was actually very angry nearly everyday of the last 16 years. Looking back, I can now see that I was always thinking angry thoughts, even when the person I argued with the most was not around. I was literally going around attracting more things to be angry about because I always thought about how I was being wronged by this person. Can you imagine that? Mad for 16 years because of my own thoughts. Suffering pain of my own creating for such a long period of time.


I got into this to make money, but found that what I really needed was to learn the real secret to wealth: inner peace and focusing on being a wealthy person.


Blog Daily, Tell Others, Get Money!

Is it really that easy?

Well, yes it is! That is really the simplicity of marketing online.


Blog Daily

The only thing that you are doing when you blog is expressing yourself in a way that is compelling to other people.

Is that easy?

It depends. How hard do you want to make things on yourself? If you want things to be really difficult, write about things that nobody cares about or in a dry, boring way that nobody wants to read. If you want it to be difficult, don’t spend any time learning how to write compelling stories about yourself or your subject.

If you want it to be easy, on the other hand, it will be. Focus on writing about what other people want to know about: your story or how to do things. Take the time to learn to tell your story. Learn how to do SEO.

It is also important that people know that you have something to offer them that will help them if they purchase it. In my case, I would let you know about this blog that I am writing on, the Empower Network blog, and tell you that you can learn all these principles and more by getting this blogging platform for a measly $25 a month. I’d tell you to click the link below to get this fantastic blog that in addition to the blog itself, comes with 8 fast start training videos that will help you learn how to become a successful blogger and network marketer (if that’s what you want).

If there is a “one mistake” that people who try to make money online with a blog make, not telling people to buy is it.

The other “big mistake” is waiting until everything is perfect to start taking action.

If you are going to blog, you need content. Period. So, start writing. Don’t worry about all the above things in the beginning. The most important thing is to produce the content on a daily basis. After you do that you can always go back and tweak things that you’ve already created.

Tell Others

How do you do that?

Well, there are really only three ways that this happens:

1. Free advertising
2. Paid advertising
3. Search engine traffic

Let’s look at each.

Free. This is youtube, facebook, any social media sites, videos, twitter, etc…

Paid. PPC, PPV, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Retargeting, Media Buys, etc…

Search engine. This is the result of good SEO on each blog post. This is also “free” traffic.

Again, don’t get caught up in any single method above. Because if you’re not producing content, there’s really no reason to do any of them. Make sense? You need to get the cart before the horse and produce content first. Then, dedicate time to learning each traffic method.

And I don’t care what you are selling, if you don’t produce something daily on the web you are wasting your time. There is an old description of webpages that I like to use that is a metaphor for any business that you are doing online:

Any website that doesn’t update on a daily basis is a ‘cobweb’

People are ADD to the extreme. If you don’t have something new each day for your readers, customers, clients, etc on your website, then they will get bored and quit visiting your site. That is the last thing that you want. There aren’t many websites that can get away with never adding new content. Most that do are corporate sites. That model doesn’t work for personal blogs.

Think about ebay, google, and facebook for example. Why do so many people go there everyday? Because there is always something new for them to check out. Always, everyday, without fail. And the kicker with those websites is that the success of the site is created by the users!!! The users create the content. The site owners reap the benefits.

You can make this work for you too. Once you create the content, people will start interacting and leaving comments which will produce the same effect for you.

Get Money.

You can make money blogging if you dedicate yourself to doing it on a consistent, daily basis. Most people give up before they have any results. How long does it take? It depends on each person and their ability to create compelling content and their commitment to promoting themselves.

Can you do this? I believe that you can. All the tools that you need to succeed online can be found in the products of the Empower Network. And the cost is only $25 a month to get started at the basic level and learn the most important 8-core commitments of marketing online.

Click the link below to get started today.






Today I was listening to Les Brown’s presentation called “Live Full & Die Empty” in the Big Idea Mastermind back office.

It was great to listen to Les again. I had the privilege to see Les Brown in person in Hawaii during the Big Idea Mastermind Millionaires Retreat. Les Brown is a powerful speaker. If you haven’t yet, take the time to go to youtube.com and listen to him.

In his presentation he says that we need to find 5 compelling reasons to not quit your dreams. Here are the five that I came up with:

Compelling Reason # 1 Why I Won’t Quit My Dreams

My children – I want to provide the best I can for them and spend as much time as possible with them.

Compelling Reason #2 Why I Won’t Quit My Dreams

Myself – I must prove to myself that I can succeed in Internet marketing. I will keep going until I get where I want to be. I will do whatever it takes to learn and do whatever I need to do to succeed.

Compelling Reason #3 Why I Won’t Quit My Dreams

My downline – I am going to keep going and set the example for the members in my team. If I expect them to succeed, I must be committed to succeeding and helping show them the way as much as I can.

Compelling Reason #4 Why I Won’t Quit My Dreams

So I can work, live, travel when and wherever I want.

Compelling Reason #5 Why I Won’t Quit My Dreams

My parents – I want to be able to do things to show them my appreciation for giving me life.
Those are my 5 reasons. I know in the video I tell you 5 other reasons:

  1. $25 commissions
  2. $100 commissions
  3. $500 commisssions
  4. $1000 commissions
  5. $3000 commissions


Those are some pretty compelling reasons to get started and join now!



How to Get Unstuck


Getting “unstuck” in your business is easy.

  1. Be focused and consistent
  2. Get two people a day
  3. Follow the 8-core commitments


Click the link below to get started:

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